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Upgrading Plant for Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council trusts us when it comes to water & wastewater treatment. Membrane Filtration Upgrading.

Both the Waikouaiti and West Taieri water treatment plants required upgrading to meet greater demand and to overcome existing problems.

West Taieri WTP process pumps and backwash equipment

Filtration Technology won the design and build contract for both sites based on their design and technical capabilities. Both sites conformed to the same general specifications for treatment.

Water is supplied from river pumps to a large raw water reservoir, from here the water is gravity fed through a 1 mm strainer to a flocculation tank. The water then flows into the membrane tanks where a light vacuum is applied to the submerged membrane fibres in order to produce permeate. This water is then pH corrected and disinfected with Cl2 before sending to reticulation.

Waikouaiti WTP membrane tanks

Cleaning of the membranes occurs every 6 months. All spent chemicals are neutralised before being discharged to the ponds.

At Waikouaiti Filtec faced tight constraints on the recovery rates even during times of high demand and fresh river conditions.

To overcome this a lamella clarifier was installed to recycle wastewater back to the front of the plant allowing for a recovery rate greater than 96%.

If you are considering upgrading your water treatment plant, or even building a new one, then look at the advantages a Kolon Membrane system offers:

  • Membranes are assembled in modules – we can go upwards or outwards depending on what you need
  • Membranes are fully tested and certified to NZDWS
  • Recoveries up to 98%
  • CIP just twice a year


Contact Matt Ewen on email: matt.ewen@filtec.co.nz or phone 09 274 4223 for more information.

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