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FILTEC. We know the
industry inside out.

With an ongoing commitment to bring you the best technologies, we have used our extensive experience and resources to deliver cost-effective solutions to improve your efficiencies both on and off site.

The FILTEC Standard

FILTEC offers a range of services for industrial and commercial water and wastewater processing. Our staff are highly trained in their area of expertise to offer a service that will deliver beyond your expectations.

Discover our services in water filtration and wastewater treatment

Equipment Training

FILTEC offers training and support for the installation and maintenance of our equipment. It is essential that all operators understand the processes involved when working with chlorine, UV, filtration processes, Ion exchange, RO, EDI and chemical dosing as required.

Remote Monitoring and Analysis

FILTEC offers end to end, cost-effective solutions for automating water and wastewater operations. Our remote real-time monitoring and analysis centre gives us a technical oversight of your plant without being onsite. Optimise your plant management.