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residential water treatment
residential water treatment

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Product Information

The VH410F202AF high flow UV disinfection system with pre-filtration is designed to filter and then disinfect rainwater for large homes

If you own a large home with multiple bathrooms and rely on rainwater for your household water, ensure it is safe. Today a growing number of issues are affecting water quality. And rainwater can often become contaminated in the process of capturing and storing it for use. The combination of sediment filtration and UV disinfection to inactivate Cysts (Giardia, Cryptosporidium) Bacteria (E.coli) and hard to filter Viruses provides safe water and without affecting water pressure even during peak demand. Treating all the rainwater entering your home ensures the water is safe at every tap.



  • Easy installation – Reversible bracket for multiple install options
  • Advanced pre-filtration – The high flow filter features both a grooved design to increase surface area for improved filtering efficiency as well as depth filtration for improved dirt holding capacity with up to 3x the capacity of conventional high flow filters
  • Safe – Makes water safer as UV light inactivates bacteria, viruses & cysts. The patented Safety-Loc™ lamp cap ensures no accidental exposure to UV light
  • Reliable – High quality constant current driver ensures 9000hr lamp life
  • Durable – Manufactured with quality components to ensure long life
  • High Output – Providing safe drinking water with a peak flow rate of up to 130lpm
  • Easy maintenance – Lamp life countdown timer and a lamp change alarm to remind you when to change lamps, simple filter/lamp change and sleeve cleaning process
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