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FILTEC Lamella Settlers

Lamella Settlers

    Product Information

    FILTEC have engineered several Lamella Settlers designs to cost effectively separate particles and turbidity from water. By dividing the flow, a greater settling rate can be achieved with a significantly smaller footprint and capital cost than other systems. The vessels are fabricated from epoxy coated mild steel. They come with low distribution at the inlet, sludge extraction devices and stainless steel launders.

    FILTEC have designed several proven Lamella Settlers. We have the in-house design and build capabilities to incorporate these tanks into a complete package plant system with floc tanks, sludge removal, chemical dosing, pipework and pumping.


    • Inclined tubes at a 60° angle that allow the suspended floc to settle at the base of the tube
    • Significantly smaller footprint and capital cost than other systems
    • The tubes are fabricated from NSF approved PVC welded material that is specifically sized for the tank
    • All tanks come with a man way to allow access under the tubes for maintenance.
    • A series of valves on the side of the vessel allow easy inspection of the sludge level
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