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Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Product Information

Effective removal of organic contaminants and chlorine from water.

Activated carbon has been used to remove chlorine and odours from water for many years. Activated carbon does not remove microbes, sodium, nitrates, fluoride and hardness, so a water test on your water supply is recommended to ensure the correct solution is installed.


  • Chlorine reduction
  • Colour reduction
  • Organic reduction
  • Taste and odour reduction
  • Designed for maximum flow rate and minimum pressure drop
  • Baskets are easily removed for cleaning

Technical specs

AquaFlo Carbon Filters use a high grade granulated 1240 carbon. The design flow rates are based on the removal of 1g/m2 of chlorine.

A range of standard sizes are available up to 270 litres/minute, after which multiples of units are used. To keep the carbon bed free of particles, a number of control options are available, or for clean water, a simple in/out head is available.

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