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Filter media

    Product Information

    Aqualite™ can only be used in FILTEC designed, installed or approved systems and as per NZDWS2008, FILTEC are required to give a written guarantee on performance.

    For filtration applications that demand high flow rates and increased water quality, Aqualite™ Engineered Ceramic Media delivers more performance on a smaller equipment footprint. Available in common filtration sizes, Aqualite™ media spheres optimise filtration performance with their remarkably greater surface area. Aqualite™ is tough and durable. It’s a chemically inert medium that provides excellent resistance to acids, caustics, oxidants, and ferric salts.

    Uniform properties of Aqualite™ include the shape, size, sphericity, density and composition of the filter granules. These qualities bring uniformity to filter bed porosity, bulk density and macroscopic behaviour. Removes Cryptosporidium to 2 logs.

    Aqualite™ has been tested by Massey University to meet AS/NZ4348:1995 ®

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