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Edendale Milk Processing Plant

FILTEC utilised their Industry Water Experience to design, build & install a demineralisation Plant using Dow Rohm & Haas resin at Edendale Milk Processing Plant.

Filtration Technology was selected to design, build and install a 650 m3/day demineralisation plant to supply high quality water to the new ED4 milk powder plant boiler at Edendale, Southland.

The Amberpack® design uses DOW Rohm & Haas Amberjet® resin to remove Calcium, Iron and Silica from the feed water which would cause scaling in the boiler. The supplied water quality is less than 1 micro siemen. This enables the boiler to operate much more efficiently.

The resins are regenerated daily with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to maintain resin in optimum operating condition.

The plant is fully automatic with a central PLC and SCADA system allowing operators to view real time plant operation.

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