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Residential Range

Safe drinking water is essential for wellbeing.

Today a growing number of issues are affecting water quality as water infrastructure ages, demand increases and agricultural production intensifies.

For town water, pollutants such as sediment and rust can enter the network. Although essential for safe drinking water, residual chlorine from municipal treatment can create taste and odour issues.

For rainwater the presence of suspended and dissolved solids or microbiological contamination (E.coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium) all affect the safety and quality of water entering your home.

FILTEC has a range of products to suit the most common issues for residential water treatment to provide high quality and safe drinking water.

3 Main reasons people don’t treat their water


They don’t know that they should

Australian Public Health Authorities recommend that rainwater should be disinfected prior to consumption. And congratulations, you just took a great first step! Find out more from the Department of Health website.


They think it’s expensive

It doesn’t have to be. And when compared to alternatives such as bottled water or falling sick it is not. Costing as low $1 a day* to operate and maintain a FILTEC Residential water treatment system.


They don’t know how

Not to worry. Talk to us or one of our local dealers and we can help provide filter and UV solutions that are easy to maintain and provide safe drinking water.

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Rainwater Town water


Fix bacteria, viruses, cysts,
dirt and sediment issues with
a potable water solution


Fix dirt and sediment issues
with a non-potable water


Rainwater UV Treatment System

If you rely on rainwater for your household water, ensure it is safe. An advanced high flow depth filter removes unwanted sediment without affecting water pressure and allows UV light to effectively penetrate the water flow to inactivate bacteria, viruses and cysts which are extremely difficult to remove with filtration alone.

Small house (1-2 bed, 1 bathroom)
Medium house (3 bed, 1-2 bathroom)
Large house (4+ bed, 2+ bathroom)

Small-Medium house Medium to Large house

Rainwater Filter System

Ideally suited to Non-Potable (non-drinking water) applications such as rainwater harvesting for washing machines, toilet flushing and irrigation. Twin 20” Jumbo housings featuring two Polyspun filters for sediment removal. This unit combines practical filtration levels combined with high flow rates and long filter life.


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Town Water Filter System

If you feel taste and odour is an issue in your home this town water filter is the solution. Twin 20” Jumbo housings featuring a sediment removal cartridge and a Carbon Block filter for taste and odour removal. This unit has been configured for town water and combines practical filtration levels with high flow rates and long filter life.


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* Cost of operation and maintenance includes 2 x filter cartridge, 1x UV lamp and electricity cost $0.26 kWh for annual continuous operation.

Talk to one of our team to solve your water issues

Make the first step to get safer drinking water.

Whether you are on rainwater or town water supply; whether you require water for drinking or non-drinking purposes, FILTEC has the solution for you. Talk to one of our team to solve your water issues.

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